Please contact us at any time 204-951-7579. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have. We have included some of the more common questions below.

Is the surface durable?

The surface and repairs are very durable. They are designed specifically we withstand Manitoba’s tough climate where temperatures fluctuate from -50 celsius to +40 celsius. You will enjoy many years of trouble free use with our driveway.

How do you remove snow and ice in the winter?

Remove as you normally would with a plastic snow blade or shovel that does not have a metal edge. You can also use a snow blower as they usually have pads on the bottom. You can apply salt to your driveway as it will not harm the rubber. The rubber surface also provides a superior surface grip to prevent slips and falls.

How do you clean the surface?

We recommend a garden hose or a light pressure wash but do not use a fine point nozzle spray pattern. For stubborn stains, you can use mild cleaners like dish washing detergent and/or foamy tire cleaner.

If my driveway gets damaged, can it be repaired?

Any accidental rips, tears or damage caused by sharp objects or difficult and unsightly stains can be repaired by cutting out the damaged area and reapplying new rubber.

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