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By then China took advantage of the Türgesh involvement in the affairs of Mavarannahr and Tokharistan and extended its influence westward. Ferghana, in the face of continuing Arab assaults, was closely allied with the Tang (or was even a vassal of the Chinese). In 747 Tang troops, having made a quick march from Kashghar through the Pamirs, captured Little Bolor from the Tibetans and established their garrisons there. In 749 Wakhan submitted to the Chinese. In 748 Tang troops captured and destroyed Suyab, the traditional center of the Western Türks.

Ebi-nur 787 un Jey h Astarabad Amul Suyab Kasan Tunket Nur Vardana Bukhara S E T A U N ) S ) A H I D 840 N om K h ayl am C H A C H Binket Amul Abiverd Nevaket Talas (Taraz) 893 6 76 (7 M A E Q 6 76 R A Isfijab –40 39 Dihistan Atre k Farab (Otrar) Khiva Z M Hazarasp Ferava an Go rg Gorgan ïrDa ry Mizdahqan Kath (al-Fil) O R L . A -köl la Q L H Q S U R U Y G H 790 Madminiya Oghurcha I. 4 Z Ta la a) 5/26/2003, 1:10 PM K U s (S Gurganj H U G A as an H Ch u K Y S ra ta Ili Cheleken I. A G Aral Sea L.

Abdallah took possession of Termez and remained there for fifteen years, until 704, successfully repulsing both the Arab and the Soghdian attempts to dislodge him. The same year, however, with the appointment of Qutayba b. Muslim as governor of Khorasan, the systematic conquest of Mavarannahr by the Arabs began (see map 9). pmd B C D E To bo l A 17 1 Borders of the Türk and Türgesh Qaghanates Limits of the Arab expansion in Central Asia by the end of the 7th century Dividing line between the Dulu and the Nushibi of the western Türks Arab military campaigns Borders of the Tibetan Empire by the 620s Chinese military campaigns Tibetan military campaigns Türk military campaigns 691–705 Musa b.

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