By Edwin P. Alexander

Colorful tales of the outdated steam engines of yesteryear fill those pages — from the steam carriage operated at the streets of Paris in 1769 to the strong locomotives that thundered around the American West within the latter 1/2 the nineteenth century. ninety eight plates of good, infrequent illustrations, many rendered by means of the author.

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Marks Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (10th Edition)

Еще одна книга из серии "Это должен иметь под рукой каждый ИТР (НТР)! " - 10-е издание (1-е было аж в 1916 г. ) классического справочника инженера-механика.

Fluid Mechanics, 7th Ed. (Mcgraw-Hill Series in Mechanical Engineering)

The 7th variation of White’s Fluid Mechanics bargains scholars a transparent and accomplished presentation of the fabric that demonstrates the development from actual strategies to engineering functions and is helping scholars speedy see the sensible value of fluid mechanics basics. the wide range of issues supplies teachers many innovations for his or her direction and is an invaluable source to scholars lengthy after commencement.

Random Fatigue. From Data to Theory

For a few years fatigue has been an important and hard challenge for engineers, specially should you layout buildings similar to plane, bridges, strain vessels, and cranes. Fatigue of engineering fabrics is often considered as a big deterioration method and a critical mode of failure for numerous structural and mechanical platforms.

Proactive Maintenance for Mechanical Systems

Written by means of Dr. E. C. Fitch, the ebook comprises over 340 double column pages which come with four hundred figures and tables, a entire bibliography, and index. there's no root reason behind mechanical failure, recognized to the writer, that has been missed or omitted. Nowhere on this planet is that this info prepare in this kind of concise and accomplished demeanour, and the e-book will function a reference and advisor to designers, practicing engineers, upkeep technicians, plant managers and operators who needs to layout, retain and function fluid–dependent mechanical structures.

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