By Lyn O'Brien-Nabors

A survey of the large box of sucrose choices, detailing medical info, technical functions, and regulatory rankings for a wide range of sweeteners. It highlights the switch in prestige of saccharin, the elevated use of polyols, and the probabilities supplied by means of the supply of various substitute sweeteners and their makes use of together. This 3rd version comprises new chapters on neotame, tagatose, trehalose, erythritol, and aspartame-acesulfame salt.

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In the rat and dog the alanine amide is partially acetylated, and in man it is partially conjugated with glucuronic acid. No observable cleavage of the alanine amide bond or rupture of the thietane ring takes place. Because the aspartic acid portion of the molecule is available for normal amino acid metabolism, alitame is partially caloric. The maximum caloric contri- Alitame 37 Figure 5 Metabolism of alitame. 4 calories per gram is clearly insignificant at the use levels in the diet. IX. SAFETY Alitame has been evaluated in the extensive series of studies designed to establish its safety as a sweetener in the human diet.

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