By Kaatryn MacMorgan

All One Wicca is a rational advent to the faith of Wicca, and the culture of common Eclectic Wicca. It includes every little thing the recent or complex scholar must interact in learn of the religion together with an in depth dictionary and instance rituals.

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You allow yourself io pin with the stone's energy fora moment, then press off once more, finding an equilibrium between the draw of tire earthy Stone and tile airy fields of errergy. You point a finger at the stone, and a line ofenergy crackles from your hand and reaches it. You can see energy from the stone trickling into Hie line, and feel it filling your hand, with your other hand, you create a line between your body and the energy field above you. and for a few moments, you are pidled by tlie two forces, which yield to you and begin to strengthen you.

Punch line: " T h w a p p p ! A w w w M o m ! , we move o n to Using our wrongs- For some, the simple acknowledgment of "I messed u p " is enough, but for many odiers, forgiveness is to be divided into specific penance, and the basic Wiccan recipe for penance is fairly simple. Repay thrice over what y o u have taken, but never twice in the same way. bor instance, if you have damaged someone's car, first pay for the repairs and any other monetary repercussions, secondly, find something you can do fur die person without being noticed, and lastly, keep a watchful eye o n that person and present yourself in a time of need, perhaps more so than you normally would.

You are grounded. M a n y (bnl n o l all] people experience grounding the lirst lime they practice this visualization. It is not actually a metamorphosis, b u l a way of rerouting power into a fotce y o u already possess. experiment. When y o u achieve tliat anchored (eeling. try to remember the sensation in delail- Practice w i l l make ilcomeeasier• • • 1 The Womb: The Water Visualization For this exercise, y o u want tu lie on y o u r bach, w i t h your arms crossed over yourchesl. The Healing stale we're attempting to achieve here is the "mentally pure" state that some riluals, especially healing rituals call for.

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