By Charles Heflin

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Cornering or crowding over your dog: These are two more reasons for your usually placid dog to rise in self-defense and bite you. This is why innocent children who are unfamiliar with dogs should be wary of them to the extent of standing back and never putting their faces close to that of a dog. This is because cheek bites are very common with dogs. 33 It is good to be wary of all kinds of dogs you encounter. Here are a few: Stray dogs: If a dog is lost, frightened or injured, he is likely to bite because he has lost his bearings and feels very vulnerable.

At first, find quiet corners to practice in which have minimal distractions. Have your dog on a long leash. You should be able to enforce your command even if he is initially disobedient to you. He should not ignore you, however, and if he does, tug on his leash to make him come over to you. After many exercises of “Come Here, go play” your dog will be convinced that his freedom is not at stake because you’ve called out to him. Gradually, add on more and more distractions, and when you find you no longer need to enforce your command, ease off the exercises.

Gradually, add on more and more distractions, and when you find you no longer need to enforce your command, ease off the exercises. But if he does regress, just begin all over again. If he realizes he can disobey you once and get away with it, he will do it as a rule. To avoid such a situation from occurring, practice all these exercises continually. And remember, if you want to change his behavior, he needs to trust you as his leader. If he can’t trust you, he will have to take the matter in his own hands, and you can imagine what that means.

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