By Arnold Henry Savage 1865-1924 Landor

This Elibron Classics ebook is a facsimile reprint of a 1902 variation via Macmillan & Co., Ltd., London.

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Leonardo gives us a rapid summary: the fire, offended because the water in the pan is above him, although he is the "higher" element, shoots his flames up and up until the water boils, overflows, and puts him out. Leonardo then elaborates this in three successive drafts, all of them incomplete, written in three parallel columns. Each time he adds some details, describing how, from a little piece of charcoal, a flame bursts through the gaps in the wood, crackling and swelling. But he soon breaks off, as if becoming aware that there is no limit to the minuteness of detail with which one can tell even the simplest story.

Let me end it with another story, this time Chinese: Among Chuang-tzu's many skills, he was an expert draftsman. The king asked him to draw a crab. Chuang-tzu replied that he needed five years, a country house, and twelve servants. Five years later the drawing was still not begun. "I need another five years," said Chuang-tzu. The king granted them. At the end of these ten years, Chuang-tzu took up his brush and, in an instant, with a single stroke, he drew a crab, the most perfect crab ever seen.

Gallimard edition, 1946, pp. 32-33) "It is nothing . . much," he said. "Nothing but... a tenth of a second appearing . . Wait... At certain moments my body is illuminated ... It is very curious. Suddenly I see into myself ... I can make out the depths of the layers of my flesh; and I feel zones of pain . . rings, poles, plumes of pain. Do you see these living forms, this geometry of my suffering? Some of these flashes are exactly like ideas. They make me understand—from here, to there . .

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