By Jacques Van Ruiten

In Abraham within the publication of Jubilees Jacques van Ruiten deals a scientific research of 1 of crucial and broad moment Temple Jewish remedies of the determine of Abraham (Jub. 11:14-23:8)

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7). 3 (Gen 11:26–27b and Jub. 5 (Gen 11:27c–31 and Jub. 6 (Gen 12:1–3 and Jub. 12:22b–24). Finally, I will identify the traditions (biblical and non-biblical) within Jub. 8).  An Overall Comparison between Genesis 11:26–12:3 and Jubilees 11:14–12:31 Jubilees 11:14–12:31 deals with the first stages in Abram’s life, from his birth until his departure from Haran. 2 The genealogical elements ( Jub. 11:14–15; 12:9–11) can be considered a rewriting of Gen 11:26–30. Jubilees 11:16–12:8 has no counterpart in the text of Gen 11:10–26, whereas the additions in Jub.

From Abram’s Marriage until the Arrival in Haran (Gen 11:27c–31; Jub. 12:9–15) Unlike Jub. 11:16–12:8, there are connections between Jub. 12:9–15 and the biblical text. Jubilees 12:9–15 rewrites Gen 11:27c–31. On the basis of the content, this passage can be subdivided into three smaller passages: a. Jub. 12:9–11 (marriage reports of Abram, Haran and Nahor); b. Jub. 12:12–14 (Abram burns the house of idols); and c. Jub. 12:15 (departure from Ur and settling in Haran). Jubilees 12:9–11: Marriages of Abram, Haran and Nahor 12:9a During the fortieth jubilee, in the second week, in its seventh year, Abram took a wife.

It is not completely clear why the period in Haran is a period of fourteen years. The data suggest that the author of Jubilees has his own dating system in which the unit of seven years plays is important. In the early life of Abram the events that take place in multiples of the seventh year play an important part.  Events Surrounding Abram’s Prayer (Jub.  The Pericopes in Jubilees 12:16–27 The events that take place around Abram’s prayer ( Jub. 12:16–27) can be divided into four pericopes: a. Abram observes the stars ( Jub.

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