By Richard Humble

Step inside of a global battle submarine and observe for your self what it was once wish to stay and paintings underneath the sea waves. incredible cutaway illustrations supply a bright and intimate perception into each element of submarine life.

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Scuttling, the sinking of a ship by Trim, a submerged submarine's state of balance. to become fully patrol. GLOSSARY 47 8 Index numbers Note: page bold refer in to illustrations. Al Ha 42, 42 'Alfa' class, 40 early submarines 6-7 motors electric anti-aircraft guns 33, 35, 35 engineers 15 Argonaut 6 escort groups 6, 8, 15, Lake, 29 36 12,46 Battle of the Atlantic 36-7, 44 37 food 22, 27 fore ends 1 38 midget submarines 42, 42-3 midships section 16-17, 16-17 minelayers 8, 8 T class 13, Fulton, Robert 6, N 45 35 9, surfacing 28, 31 survivors flying boats 36, 36, 29 Surcouf9, 22-3 M B ballast tanks 10, 11, Simon 6 limpets 47 living quarters 18, 19, Asdic 26, 38, 46 batteries 8, 27, soda lime 27, 47 sonar 17, 26, 47 Storm 12 Tauchretter Bauer, Wilhelm 45 13, 29, 33 28 Thetis 18 Nautilus 6, 7 midget submarines 43 'Black Gap' 36, 37 Bold 26, 46 Bourne, William 45 bow caps 18, 33, 46 Garret, bridge 17 'Gato' class 9, 9.

They were weapon in the Battle of the Atlantic. U-BOAT ATTACK 39 Human torpedoes 1. Japanese Al Ha 2- man midget submarine, driven by a 1 -shaft Because space taken up by its 2 internal torpedo tubes it had no engine to electric motor. of the recharge limiting its its own battery, range to 92 miles at 2 knots. 2. The Italian SLCs were nicknamed maiali by the brave rode them. Developed to attack British and French fleet bases, they had a few ('pigs') men who early failures before scoring a success: the attack on British battleships at Alexandria in December 1941.

The big American 'Gato' submarines did not have them; they had a single 1V2 inch AA gun, the excellent 4 3 4 inch gun and 10 torpedo tubes. Apart from the heavy 4 inch guns of the ill-fated French submarine cruiser Surcouf, submarine guns varied considerably in caliber: the diameter of the shells they fired. The heaviest was the American 6 inch; the lightest was the British 3 inch. All had to be resistant to seawater. To help the barrel drain quickly after surfacing, the breech could be left open and the first shell loaded while water was still running out of the barrel.

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