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She blazed tightly. " He drew a long breath, clearly trying to stay reasonable. " "I can't right now. " "You're in a charming frame of mind, aren't you? " "Aha! I detect a lessening of your peaceful intentions," she pounced sweetly. " "No, damn it! " He visibly restrained his next comment and gently but forcefully began to push against the door she was attempting to shut in his face. "We have to talk, Calla. Go ahead and take your shower. " He cocked a brow questioningly. " She believed him. But he didn't really look all that menacing this morning, she decided.

She nodded as she walked back into the kitchen. She was aware of the sliding glass door opening as she ran water into the sink. Slade must have taken a shortcut out to his car. Calla set the cup and saucer on the drainboard to dry and looked around automatically to make certain the stove was turned off. When she walked back into the living room, he still hadn't returned. She glanced around absently, aware of something slightly different. And then she realized the vase of Gary's flowers and its contents were gone.

A bird has wings that flap," she pointed out. "He doesn't exert himself when he can get a free ride on the air currents! Haven't you ever watched a hawk climbing in circles without moving his wings? " "I'll have to admit, it's a different sensation altogether than powered flight. " "Like the difference between swimming with a swimsuit and without one," he laughed. " Calla was aware they had been moving upward in a tight spiral, riding a rising bubble of air that had been under them since the towplane had been left behind.

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