By Joanne Wachter illustrated by Laura Logan

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Funny 2. honey 3. duck 4. stop 5. ton 6. snow 7. bear 8. spring 9. fall 10. tell 11. tear Directions: Rhyme Time (1-11): Have students draw lines connecting the words to the pictures that rhyme. Spectrum Reading Grade 1 48 Name ________________________________________ Classified Information 1. sad glad mad cage 2. five alive nine thirteen 3. boat don’t won’t did 4. wheat seat beat cat 5. pie pine pin spine 6. jump true cube June 7. oat coat spot moat 8. glee green gem greet 9. hen ten tent teen ray rat rake rate 10.

2. Carolyn talks to her ______Aunt. ______teddy bear. ______her posters. 1. What is a word that rhymes with bear? ____________________________ 2. What is the beginning blend in this word? trade____________________ 3. What letter is missing from this word? Teddy b______ar 1. Do you think Carolyn can handle both a pet and school work? 2. Do you think if Carolyn gets a pet she will take good care of it? Directions: Reading Skills Finding the main idea (1): Have students read the question and mark the correct answer.

3. ______The crowd cheers. ______The batter comes to the plate. ______The batter strikes out. Directions: Dynamite Digraphs (1): Review the wh digraph. Students should name each picture. They should write wh below each picture that begins with the wh sound. Vowels (2): Have students name each picture. Then, your students should write the vowel on the line provided. Sequence (3): Have your students read all three sentences. Ask your students to write 1 next to the event that would happen first, 2 next to the event that would happen second, and 3 next to the event that would happen third.

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