By Geoff Der, Brian S. Everitt

Easily Use SAS to supply Your Graphics

Diagrams, plots, and different kinds of images are quintessential parts in approximately all stages of statistical research, from the preliminary evaluate of the knowledge to the choice of applicable statistical types to the analysis of the selected versions after they were suited for the knowledge. Harnessing the complete portraits features of SAS, A instruction manual of Statistical pics utilizing SAS ODS covers crucial graphical tools wanted in each statistician’s toolkit. It explains tips to enforce the equipment utilizing SAS 9.4.

The instruction manual exhibits tips on how to use SAS to create many varieties of statistical snap shots for exploring info and diagnosing geared up types. It makes use of SAS’s more moderen ODS pix all through as the program bargains an a variety of benefits, together with ease of use, prime quality of effects, constant visual appeal, and handy semiautomatic graphs from the statistical strategies.

Each bankruptcy bargains graphically with a number of units of instance information from a wide selection of parts, reminiscent of epidemiology, drugs, and psychology. those examples illustrate using photograph monitors to offer an outline of information, to indicate attainable hypotheses for trying out new facts, and to interpret geared up statistical versions. The SAS courses and knowledge units can be found online.

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A handbook of statistical graphics using SAS ODS

Simply Use SAS to supply Your pictures Diagrams, plots, and different varieties of photos are vital elements in approximately all stages of statistical research, from the preliminary overview of the information to the choice of applicable statistical versions to the analysis of the selected types after they were suited for the knowledge.

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Double clicking on the graph area allows some general properties of the graph to be changed. 9 Segment of results window. 10 ODS graphics editor window. png format. sge"; run; The ODS graphics editor can also be used in the same way to edit the graphs produced by statistical procedures. This is a big advantage as alternative methods of editing those graphs are generally much more complex. 1 Introduction In this chapter we shall look at a variety of commonly used graphics for displaying the essential features, for example, the distribution, of a single variable (categorical or continuous) observed or measured on a sample of individuals or other entities of interest.

3 Survival Time (Days) for Patients Suffering from Gastric Cancer 17 185 542 42 193 567 44 195 577 48 197 580 60 208 795 72 234 855 74 235 1174 95 254 1214 103 307 1232 108 315 1366 122 401 1455 144 445 1585 167 464 1622 170 484 1626 183 528 1736 between successive eruptions noted. 4. dat. Interest here lies in using some suitable graphic for the data which might be helpful in suggesting a suitable model for the data. 2 Pie Chart, Bar Chart and Dot Plot Displays Since a categorical variable merely divides the observations into groups, the main point of a graph for such a variable is to show how evenly, or unevenly, this is done.

The plot statements are vbar / hbar and vline / hline, ­depending on whether vertical or horizontal orientation is desired, and dot. To illustrate this, the variable age in the bodycomp dataset is first recoded into ten-year bands. data bodycomp; set bodycomp; decade=int(age / 10)*10; run; proc sgplot data=bodycomp; vline decade / response=pctfat stat=mean limitstat=stddev; run; The vline statement requires only one variable, decade in this case, which provides the values for the x axis, referred to in this case as the category axis as categorical variables can be used.

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