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Reducing heater voltage will often slow down or stop grid emission if it has not already progressed too far. Decreasing grid current in those applications where grid current is supposed to flow will also reduce grid emission. Grid emission is a current which causes the grid to develop a positive voltage across a resistor connected between it and the cathode. Since grid emission is almost directly a function of grid temperature, and a reduction of bias usually results in increased dissipation with a consequent further increase in grid temperature, its presence will usually lead to destructive "run-away" unless grid resistors are maintained fairly low.

63 averages and are not, therefore, applicable to individual tubes as such. This fact should be borne in mind as we go on to discuss characteristic ranges. CHARACTERISTIC SPREADS We have said in earlier paragraphs that all tube characteristics follow the known laws of variation, and distribute themselves around an average value known as the bogey value. The degree for which each characteristic is allowed to deviate from this central value is known as the spread of that characteristic. Characteristic spreads are not given in most tube specifications which include, for the most part, only the average or bogey figure.

The most common form of noise within a vacuum tube is that caused by intermittent shorts or opens. The nature of these intermittents is such that it makes a big difference how much voltage is applied between elements and at which source impedance, as to whether they exist or not. Also, it is important to define what kind of detection device is going to be used before you can decide whether you have an intermittent or not. The classic short tester is a neon lamp in series with a voltage source and a resistance to limit the current flow.

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