By Loreen Leedy

Multiplication is made frightfully enjoyable! A desk is integrated.

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Hidden menace This particular mantis has green camouflage that conceals it among the leaves. The locust does not know it is there and walks straight into the trap. Other mantids are vividly colored to resemble flowers, and they lurk in wait for nectar-feeding insects. Their camouflage also conceals them from their own enemies—larger predators such as lizards and insect-eating birds that hunt mainly by sight. Safety in numbers Some prey animals such as these fish defend themselves by seeking safety in numbers.

Vital oxygen The lungs of birds are unlike ours, and work much more efficiently. Air is pumped through them, enabling the lungs to extract more oxygen with each breath. This is vital to a bird like the osprey, which needs a lot of oxygen to turn food into energy for flight. It also allows many birds to fly across vast oceans—and at least one bird, the Eurasian swift, can stay airborne for months or even years at a time. Steering and braking Most birds have long, stiff tail feathers that they can spread out to form a broad fan.

In fact, cold-bloodedness can be an advantage; since a reptile does not turn food energy into body heat, it can live on very little food compared to a warm-blooded animal of the same size. Vice-like grip Typical lizards have five separate toes on each foot. But the toes of a chameleon’s foot are partly fused to form two strong hooks. These squeeze together like clamps to grip twigs and slender branches. Lizards Tortoises and turtles The most diverse group of reptiles are the lizards, with some 4,560 species ranging from tiny geckos to the giant Komodo dragon.

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