By Lucas Leys

How again and again have the questions bobbing up in our minds looked as if it would stay unanswerable? How usually have we repeated those inquiries to those that additionally didn't understand the solutions? and the way repeatedly have they requested us questions that we additionally can't resolution? Lucas Leys offers a hundred and one tough questions besides direct solutions for every one. He deals solutions which are good reasoned and balanced from a biblical and religious viewpoint in order that kids can deepen their religion. no matter if you're a adolescence chief who must the correct solutions to offer or looking for passable solutions, this publication is for you.

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To extend His Kingdom on earth so that the greatest number of people may know Him and may have the possibility, when the time comes, of enjoying the new creation that He has prepared for those who love Him and obey Him. 19. How can I be a better worshipper of God? First I need to clarify something. In the evangelical church we generally believe that “worship” means singing slow songs. But I want to give you some news: We can sing a lot of slow songs and never worship God. Singing is just one possible expression of worship, but true worship is about devotion to God.

Who did Adam’s children marry? At first glance, Cain’s wife presents a logical problem for the Bible. If God created just Adam and Eve, who did their son marry? However, the problem is not so great once we remember two things. First of all, the Bible is primarily expository but not limiting in its text. Remember these words. What do they mean? They mean the Bible does not tell everything that happened, and the fact that something is not told in the Bible does not mean it didn’t happen or that it contradicts it.

The laws of God shouldn’t be broken, so when we act against them, we break ourselves. But, how about the suffering that is not the result of personal sin? The Bible contains explanations about some of the reasons why God may allow us to suffer for a time. And always, even if at the time we don’t understand it, we can trust His purpose is to bless us. For example, perhaps the Lord is allowing us to go through a time of suffering to drive us to return to His ways. ” Here the psalmist recognizes he went astray, and the suffering that he experienced brought him back to the Lord.

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